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Sutton Arts Council uses an annual grant from the local authority to support and promote the arts, very broadly defined, within the Borough.

Managed by a small Executive Committee of volunteers, it has membership of three types:

  • affiliated members, which are arts and heritage groups whose membership is drawn mainly from Sutton residents
  • associate members, who promote arts in the Borough but the majority of whose members come from outside the Borough
  • individual members, who are simply keen to support the aim of the Arts Council.

It currently has around 80 member societies covering a very wide range of arts and heritage interests - dramatic and operatic, musical and choral, artistic and photographic, ethnic, linguistic and historical.

Sutton Arts Council achieves its aim in several ways:

  • by awarding grants to non-commercial arts and heritage organisations to increase the scope and reach of their activities
  • by providing members with at least two general meetings a year that seek to build knowledge and develop expertise relevant to the arts
  • by distributing a quarterly newsletter to members that keeps them abreast of subjects and events relevant to the arts
  • by organising competitions, exhibitions and events that encourage arts participation, especially by young people
  • by promoting collaboration between arts groups to the benefit of all
  • by providing low-cost storage facilities and discounts on theatre hire for members
  • by offering opportunities for members to promote their activities
  • by advancing and maintaining the profile of the arts among local councillors and council officials
  • by supporting the Council’s efforts within the arts of the Borough
  • by representing Sutton’s arts community to other arts organisations both in the Borough and elsewhere
  • by encouraging cultural contact with Sutton’s twin towns in Europe.

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